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Proposed Treasury Regulations Aim To Eliminate Valuation Discounts In Connection With Transfers Of Interests In Family-Controlled Entities | September 26 2016

Last month, the Treasury Department and the IRS issued Proposed Regulations under Section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code that are aimed at substantially restricting or eliminating valuation discounts in connection with intra-family transfers of interests in family-controlled entitles (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other business entities).


Renee Evangelista recently moderated a panel discussion for the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (PPPRI) on "Impact Philanthropy in Rhode Island". | July 29 2016

The program focused on addressing how the world of philanthropy is changing and taking on a more entrepreneurial approach from the traditional or historic way earlier generations may have made their charitable trust decisions.


As part of Merrill Lynch's Practice Management Development program, attorneys Joshua Simon, Leigh E. Furtado and Joshua R. Caswell recently gave a presentation to a group of current and future Merrill Lynch wealth managers. | July 01 2016

The presentation, entitled "Estate Planning Basics for Wealth Managers," provided the group with an introduction to the basics of estate planning and the benefits thereof.